Words of praise by my valuable clients.

This time of coaching has been very helpful not only psychologically but it has impacted other areas in my life practically. During our sessions, I felt heard, cared for and each
session was filled with compassion. Vanessa didn’t just tell me about her knowledge or
techniques, but helped me navigate my own thoughts and reiterate them to me. That is
the highlight of my coaching sessions. I highly recommend it!

Carolin M.Life Coaching

My coaching experience with Vanessa was very beneficial and I would even say life
changing, after only 6 sessions! Her coaching style is very compassionate, caring, and thoughtful. She listened very closely and was able to pinpoint deep issues or concepts that I was not aware of and had been holding for many years, in some cases. I learned a lot about myself and was able to change my thought patterns and behaviors after she made me aware of them. She was not judgemental or critical, and I liked that she would ask me how I thought best to change certain behaviors or thoughts. The action plans/goals that we established at the end of each session were very attainable and I saw much positive change in my marriage and personal life as a result of our sessions.

Melissa M.Personal Foundation Coaching

She helped my to find answers and reasons with gentle guiding, allowing me to have freedom and come to conclusions on my own. It was very open, and I felt that I was able to say whatever came to mind or talk about whatever was occupying my thoughts. It felt very personal and I was able to open up a lot.

Eliza D.Teen Coaching

Vanessa is not only an empathetic listener, but also had an excellent way of skillfully encouraging self-reflection in our daughter, helping to build her confidence, making her feel safe to confront her fears and weaknesses, and asking the questions she needed to answer in order to start taking ownership of her life.

Hannah D.Mother of Teen