I gained confidence to search for a new job and one that I want/need by exploring my needs and values. Additionally learning that I have an inner critic and how to tame it. Lastly, working on gaining internal clarity vs external.

You told me from the get-go that you weren’t going to tell me what to do but guide me to come to my own realization and identify answers on my own. I was amazed how that actually happened through you asking me thoughtful/probing/soul-searching questions.

I gained key insights about myself uncovered in each session served as reminders when I would come across them – I became more self-aware. I learned I need to slow down, think, and be more intentional.

My coaching experience with Vanessa was amazing and not what I expected. I had heard from friends that coaching is about the pivotal experience it was for them and not that I was entirely skeptical, but I really wondered how I personally could be helped. I’m so happy that I can share a very positive experience after 6 sessions where so many things were unpacked, including a major breakthrough to search/find a new job, and acquiring many takeaways/techniques going forward.

— Success Notes from Y.B.

My second coaching cycle compared to my first one was deeper and recalibrating. I think the first cycle was Coaching 101 with Vanessa where I was sort of hurled into going through the introduction of doing the inner work. I think much works come in the second cycle-of finding my inner strength, intuition, tapping into the side of my personality traits that I need for the particular situation, being in tuned with others on an emotional level for relationship building, etc. I finished my second coaching cycle walking away reflecting the whole process and concluded that coaching is powerful. It is powerful because as a leader, you are in the position to impact others with the qualities and attitudes you exhibit and the influence that one has on setting of tone in a workplace. I appreciate to have met Vanessa in this stage of my career growth and personal life journey. She opened my eyes to see that it is possible to live by your core values and principles while growing into the leader you aspire to be.

— Karen Wei

As someone at the mid-way point of their career respectively I found that not only are the non-negotiables important–resume, interviewing, career advancement etc, but also leaning in and finding out more about your distinct strengths and needs. I have been fortunate to work with Vanessa Yu, ACC which she is not only helping me better understand my strengths and needs but how I leverage those into any career (and life) decision moving forward. It has been an absolute game changer and it is a great exercise to better know yourself and what you need to be successful. Per Vanessa’s advice I also took the CliftonStrengths test to really get a better snapshot of my specific skills and better feel for what my needs are. 

— Success note from S.B.