-the coach believes the client is capable and whole

-the coach views the client as the expert in the content and encourages the client to take ownership of each session

-coaching provides support by the coach being 100% present as an active listener, full of genuine curiosity and compassion with skillful questioning without judgement, demands, opinions, and solutions

-empowers the client to problem-solve and think creatively

-helps client to tap into their own resources, their own intuition, and support systems

-challenges the client to reflect and consider situations, relationships, opportunities, struggles, and who they are with the view of growth. This is the “dig deep” process of unpacking what’s really going on.

-may introduces new ideas, perspectives, and resources for the given coaching session

What is transformative coaching?

Coaching that is transformative means that the coaching is not focused on goals or outcomes, but on helping clients change in how they see themselves. This coaching focuses on the “Who” of the client instead of the “How”. It’s about getting to the heart of change.

What coaching is not. . .






-being a best-friend