FOUNDATIONS Group Coaching (13 weeks)

Group Coaching Circle on Personal Foundation Work
September 2024
$2195 investment

This program is for you to strengthen and support your personal foundation. What is a personal foundation and why is it important? Think of a foundation of a home. It must be solid, strong, without cracks, without moisture, and must be able to withstand the elements of nature and movement. Once a foundation has lost integrity, one must put in the monetary investment to repair it for the safety of the home to protect the ones living inside. A strong foundation is imperative to protect the home from the forces of nature. 

This picture is the same as with your own personal foundation. 

Your personal foundation is what supports you and bears you as you are building your life. If you are building on a compromised foundation, you are at risk to burnout and collapse. This impacts you and those connected to you. 

How do you know your foundation needs some work? You struggle prioritizing what is most important to you.  Stress consumes you. You are burned out. You feel stuck. You often put yourself last. You have lost meaning in your life. You are not confident in your decisions. You are indecisive. You are living according to other’s expectations. You seek advice from everyone else but yourself. You have people-pleasing tendencies. You miss fun, adventure, and zest for life. You want more of what lights you up! 

How do you know if this program is for you right now? You have a sense of urgency that the time for change is NOW. You know you need to make some big decisions but lack the clarity and courage to do so. You are ready to stop playing victim and take ownership. You realize you are at CHOICE, and it is time to make choices based on what is best for you. You are ready to positively impact those around you, inspire them, empower them, but you aren’t sure how. You are ready to live life unapologetically. You are ready to grab life by the horns! You are ready to shine! 

What are the details?

  • 13 weeks within a 5-month period
  • 1 private coaching session with Vanessa (up to 2 hours)
  • Personal growth and development 
  • 8 participants per group max
  • 1.25 hours in length each session
  • Workbook included
  • Follow-up emails and resources for more discovery and exploration
  • Coach facilitation
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Based on Tara Mohr’s Playing Big, Coach U’s Personal Foundation training, and personal experience with clients

What will this coaching circle feel like?

  • Safe and intimate
  • Respectful
  • Reflective
  • Mutual
  • Learning and growing in nature
  • A place without judgement, advice, or opinion
  • Confidential

Topics for the program:

  • Week 1: Group Agreement and Introductions
  • Week 2: Energy Audit & Tolerations
  • Week 3: Create a vision for yourself
  • Week 4: Know your needs
  • Week 5: Know your core values
  • Week 6: Create and strengthen your boundaries
  • Week 7: Power of living in integrity
  • Week 8: Dial down your inner critic
  • Week 9: Meet your inner mentor
  • Week 10: Integration and Tools for family and friends
  • Week 11: Integration and tools for job and community
  • Week 12: Integration and tools for yourself (impactful self-care and self-support)
  • Week 13: Let it be easy

What will YOU walk away with?

  • Trusting yourself with confidence
  • A vision for your life and work
  • Tools to quiet your inner critic and be more compassionate with yourself
  • Tools to tap into your own wisdom and experience
  • Identify blind spots and obstacles to your growth
  • Clarity on effective self-care
  • Creating goals that are loving to yourself and to your vision
  • Visualizations and grounding exercises
  • Powerful reflection and journaling
  • Mindset shifts that are empowering for day-to-day life
  • A community that supports you with compassion, kindness, and inspiration.