I have coached different kinds of individuals in different stages of life, but what they all have in common is the need to find out what is in their heart of hearts in leading life personally or professionally. I am a heart-centered leadership coach who loves to partner with clients to unlock who they are, who they want to be as a leader, what is holding them back from leading well, and how to move forward to create impact on those around them.

Simple, right?

Embracing who you are is never simple because culture is always telling us to be this or do that, our inner critic gets really obnoxious and loud, people around us have a lot of opinions that are well-intentioned (or not), fears get in the way, and we don’t like who we are and wish we were more like Steve the down street, or Meg the amazing colleague.

I am here to partner with you to strengthen your personal foundation so that you can better lead personally and professionally.

I am here to help you get to know your inner compass.

I am here to help you get crystal clear on your limiting beliefs, your inner critic, and why you are stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

I am here to invite you to think big, think creatively, have a shift in mindset s so that you and your team can create solutions and environments to thrive.

I am here to witness you discover your strengths so that you lead effectively and with impact.

I am here to witness you take on life wholeheartedly.