My customized leadership program offers a high-touch coaching experience that helps develop you as a leader so you can effectively and powerfully grow others and your organization. My one-on-one coaching cultivates awareness and growth in your personal vision, values, mindset, strengths, and overall well-being. Imagine what kind of impact you will make when your values are aligned with you leadership.

You will trust yourself as an authentic leader more than ever before because of your strong self-awareness around your needs, values, and strengths. You will break through your limiting beliefs by getting to the root of them. You will make decisions with confidence and decisiveness by learning how to slow down, reflect, align with your inner compass and then strategize. With a highly developed personal awareness and growth, growing those around you will be easier and organic. You will know how to cultivate trust and safety, foster awareness and growth, leverage strengths, communicate with curiosity, care and compassion, and teach all the tools you have learned throughout your coaching journey. 

What I Offer

I’m Vanessa Yu

Vanessa Yu is an international, professional leadership and executive coach certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Vanessa’s coaching program is specifically designed to give leaders the tools to lead with impact, compassion, resilience, and confidence. She supports and equips leaders to lead through challenges, foster inner strength and build resilience when stretching out of their comfort zone.

Success stories

Keep doing what you are doing. You were made for this. “