Communication Styles Workshop

I am a licensed facilitator of the PCSI assessment and communication workshop through Coach U. I launched my communication workshop to empower teams and leaders to communicate with impact for the group’s mission and purpose within their organizations. Our words, tone, and style can leverage success and create amazing results, but without knowledge of our communication style, strengths and blind spots, our communication can be detrimental.

Coach U explains this assessment tool quite well:

As we communicate in a fast paced and more crowded world, we can no longer rely on our ability to connect with just a few people and not others. The master of skills to communicate in a much more sophisticated and knowledgeable way is critical to bringing the results we desire in the world, both personally and professionally.

In the roles you play each day, whether it be company owner or parent, client or friend, executive or volunteer, the understanding of yourself and the basic personal style of another can forward the conversation more clearly and precisely for both of you. In teams and groups, when each member understands the styles of other participants, the group mission and purpose can be forwarded as well.

The PCSI is a tool for such understanding of communication. As you study the 4 styles and understand that there are variations to each, you will learn ways to interact, coach, and consult with others in a way that is more effective for you and them. The sky is the limit in how you will be able to use such personal effectiveness in your life

What will each participant gain?

  • Personal knowledge and awareness of their communication style, their strengths, and their blind spots through an individual PCSI assessment
  • Knowledge and awareness of their team’s styles, strengths, and blind spots
  • Able to identify others’ communication styles.
  • Tools on HOW to flex their style to communicate effectively with their team members and clients.
  • Activities that integrate the tools on flexing communication styles
  • Empowerment and clarity on how to communicate for impact and understanding.
  • Compassion and understanding of others and oneself.

What is the investment for your team?

3-hour workshop $3,000
1 hour follow-up integration $500